Sunday, August 10, 2014

[Video] Flameburst Precision

Download link

Just finished my fourth pvp vid. Lost a lot of expensive shit in this one lol.

Music list:

Firesuite - Doves
Desert Night - RUFUS
Warp 1.9 - The Bloody Beetroots
Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Fire - Kasabian
Knifeman - The Bronx

Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

5ZXX-K Holiday

So on a random fit of whimsy I decided to go farm some Mordus missions and farm the Mordus mission runners in 5ZXX-K. To be honest, I was expecting hell camps, blobs galore and full on combat.

Turns out the system was quiet as hell.

Mordus Angels are on deployment to Delve. All that remained were the dregs, scrubs and carebears. A group of rusrus Goons also hangs out in system, Raging Ducks/OEG. I had a few skirmishes with them and suprisingly they were extremely competent and PVP. I lost a Nomen and Gila due to bad piloting and severly underestimating the Goons. Hats off to them, flying against aggressive and competent pvpers pushes me to fly and fight harder. Easy ganks/kills make pilots lazy lol.

Carebear kills.....I tagged a lot of them lol.

Final tally was:

6 Tengu's

9 Ishtar's

1 Gila

Also had some fun skirmishes in my Orthrus (came close to losing it about 3 times).

I did manage to get some mission running done. I pulled about 250,000 LP and cashed it out in Garmur BPCs. Mission running is something I can only handle in small bursts and after one intense farming I scooted back to Bosena in Molden Heath.

This is what my carriers hold looked like.

Profitable few days. Mods all came from mission runner kills lol.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Orthrus in 78R-PI

Kronos is out and with it came shiney new toys. I had no luck ratting for the Mordus cruiser...but Diz was great and sold me a BPC for 300 mil. After piling on some expensive faction and dead space mods I proceeded to do my best to lose it.

All I can say is...HOLY FUCK BALLS BATMAN! This ship is fucking crazy!

Comments from various capsuleers:

[13:41:31] nGu RaZaq > how the fuck 3000ms/s, 20km scram and 50km point

 [13:24:52] nGu RaZaq > dis shit is fuckin op ^^

[15:12:53] Ecalta > ORTHRUS WTF

[14:53:40] oUTSKIRTs > go away :)
[14:53:43] Naoru Kozan > ok
[14:53:44] oUTSKIRTs > lol

After a near death to a NC. Crow blob I frantically fled to the depths of Tennerifis. Guess I hit adrenaline overload lol. After a brief break I started the long trek back to Bosena.

Orthrus is bloody fun but odds are itwill get nerfed. Tis fucking OP in it's current form.

Anywho, screenshots!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Close escape

After a quick dance with TEXN and DNS in Atlar me and Floorist decide to disengage as numbers start piling up on the hostile side. I bounce to station and then to the Illamur gate (gotta love a warpspeed rigged nano Cruise Typhoon).

Jumping into the normally dead system I find a 25 man gang sitting on the gate......oh dear.

Ok, nothing is in scram range (regional gate FTW), align station and heat the MWD. Long pointed, webbed, neuted and jammed....hit the MJD. MJD cycles as one cruiser pulls within 16KM.

Damn that was close! Had to get up and take a walk around the house to relax afterwards.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

VIDEO: Paradise Fury

My third Eve pvp video.
Ships flown:
Nomen, Drake, Tengu and Typhoon

Track list:
The Bronx - 6 Days A Week
Crystal Castles - Baptism
RUFUS - Desert Night

 Download link

(Can't embed the video singe Blogger is spazzing and won't let me link the video from Youtube)

Hope you enjoy it :)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

2000KM Burn

We were doing our normal thing of protecting carebears from potential ship loss in DED sites (ganking them and stealing the site). A wormhole to Geminate yielded a bunch of German Ishtars, Tengu and Scimitar running an 8/10. Me and Kaeda invade the plex with a Tengu and Ishtar but only manage to snag the Scimitar. An Astero pops up on short scan and a quick bounce yields an easy kill.

We start clearing the 8/10 while pinging D-scan, but at first the locals don't seem to inclined to come in again. Kaeda warps off to guide Kooba in through the wormhole. Then more and more ships start appearing on D-scan. Lots and lots of ships....ok time to leave.

I hit the worm hole and jump past a Sleipnir and Stiletto....they follow me through and the Stiletto points me. Turns out links are not in the correct squad...fuck. After freaking out and yelling on comms I frantically juggle Erstel into squad booster position as more and more shit piles through the worm hole. Problem is the fleet is bugged and I can't move him. I frantically form a new fleet and finally get links setup.

What followed was a Benny Hill chase extending over 2000KM. This is what they had on grid for the majority of the fight.

Basically, they couldn't catch up with my Tengu to land webs and I couldn't kill their inties with the logi on field. Once the fight stabilised, I attempted to push the pair of Stilettos off with timed overheating of the web and afterburner to no avail. Eventually I calm down and start talking on comms again. Once the fleet is setup properly Kaeda is able to warp in his Ishtar to assist. But since the fight is moving at 3000 m/s the drones are having trouble applying damage. Kaeda reships into a LML Heretic and we finally manage to push one Stiletto off in hull. The other Stiletto lags behind, drops point and I finally hear the sweet sound of "Warp Drive Active". Kaeda gets briefly tackled but managed to make it out in structure.

/me takes a deep breath

Holy fuck that was intense.

"14:12 Long Haul" has lived for nearly 3 months now. Fuck I probably just jinxed it and will lose her in the next fight lol.

EDIT - 04/05/2014
Yep, jinxed it. Tengu died to a Blops hotdrop the next day lol.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

[Video] F.O.F Friend or Foe

So, yeah I finally got off my ass and edited the fraps footage I had laying around from last November. Editing is much tighter than the previous vid (17 minutes vs 43 minutes lol). Enjoy!

Track list:
Jasmin Yee/Pendulum - Sound of Life
Pnau - Embrace
The Bronx - The Unholy Hand
The Presets - Yippiyo-Ay

Monday, January 20, 2014

Biomass IRL (ingame)


Often tossed around as a gesture of respect to an opponent after a close, tense fight. Also tossed around after ganking or getting ganked. It can, on occasion, provoke a strong response.

Probed out a Navy Caracal running a 6/10 in Taisy, point was established and the ship is dispatched.

[06:00:35] Naoru Kozan > gf

[06:00:46] Hattori Hakaari > Go fuck yourself and shove that GF up your fucking ass.

[06:01:41] Naoru Kozan > (((

[06:02:32] Hattori Hakaari > I don't know why douchebags like you say GF when you pounce on someone who's in deadspace already engaged with multiple ships. Big fucking accomplishment getting that kill you fucking tool.

[06:03:03] Naoru Kozan > woah, lets just chill the hell out here man!

[06:03:27] Hattori Hakaari > How about I wish real life death on mother via rape-induced aids.

[06:04:00] Naoru Kozan > that is not a very nice thing to say\

[06:04:23] Hattori Hakaari > Good. I hope it actually happens.

[06:05:12] Naoru Kozan > carebears seem to harbour some SERIOUS anger issues

Deeply distraught by such abuse I consoled myself by quickly finishing his plex. It was a 77 mil drop. But I decided to be nice and inform Mr Hakaari of the drop.

Abuse in local
From: Naoru Kozan
Sent: 2014.01.21 06:11
To: Hattori Hakaari, 

I was deeply hurt and offended by your tirade in Taisy local.

However, the 6/10 dropped a  Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field +  Pithum A-Type Explosive Deflection Amplifier +  19th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects which made me feel a lot happier.

Fly safe and good luck on your journey through New Eden.


Naoru Kozan

EDIT: got a response.

Re: Abuse in local
From: Hattori Hakaari
Sent: 2014.01.22 02:11
To: Naoru Kozan, 

When you mother dies from the AIDS she hopefully receives when she's raped IRL, let me know so I can take a shit on her grave.

Yeah, he mad.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Holiday in Maila

Incursion in the Istodard pocket, Bosena was quiet and the Angel DED plexs were simply not dropping any decent loot. Hmmmmmm...time to go on a holiday to Maila for some killboard stat padding (cyno killing spree).

Pvp highlights:

Ishtar vs Falcon, random frigs and Myrm gate camping.
Russians camping a gate so I do the logical thing and go for the Falcon sitting 100KM off. I burn over drop Bouncers, point up the Falcon and take sentries. Falcon manages to land one succesful jam, I get point back and he pops, a Manticore gets splattered. This was followed by a frantic burn away trying to shake off tackle ceptors as two more Falcons decloak >_> Eventually, I manage to break free and warp in 30% shields.

Tengu vs Myrm, Falcon and something else hugging station.
I warp in, lock up the Falcon, point him and take sentries (again). Falcon tries to jam me and fails. Tengu sensor strength + Sensor Integrity link = hard to jam and the poor Falcon dies.

Tengu vs perma-tackling linked Ares + random warp ins.
Probed out a 5/10 plex in Messoya and begin clearing it with Naoru + Rusu. I clear up to the second room and the locals decide they want to play. I warp Rusu out and dock her up. In comes an Ares and Stiletto, oh they have skirmish links, I get pointed and drag them 150KM or so off the beacon. My javelin missiles are barely scratching the Ares. Their backup arrives in the form of a Curse, Rapier and a Hurricane (was a long fight so not 100% sure if a cane was there). I start diving in and out trying to entice the Rapier away from his friends. But they stick together and after giving chase for a bit (they were a bit slower than my Tengu) they decide to warp off. Leaving me tackled by the Letto and Ares.
Meanwhile, I burn Rusu back to Maila and reship her into a Geddon. A Crow enters the plex and settles into a wide orbit /sighs. Rusu hits local and I drag the inties back to the warp gate. Rusu lands on the beacon, Ares catchs 2 heavy neuts and they all decide to bail.
Back to running the plex. Ares pops back on scan, re-enters the plex and points me again. Same thing again, drag him off the beacon and wait to see what they bring. 2 Geddons and 2 Guardians pop up on scan. But for some reason only 1 Geddon comes into the plex along with the Guardians. Geddon just hugs the beacon and then decides to warp off. I dive in and point a Guardian and start asking for help on TS. No one is available to assist :(
Rapier and Loki appear on d-scan so I frantically pull range to around 200KM. Rapier + Loki land, Loki cloaks up (huh?). Meanwhile, Rusu has been burning to the nearest market hub to assemble a scram Atron to get rid of this fucking Ares. Ship assembled and she makes best speed for Messoya.
Rusu finally arrives in system and makes it into the plex with no drama. Another Loki arrives to reinforce the Rapier, Loki and 2 Guardians.
The Ares is orbiting at 6000 m/s and Rusu can only hit 5700 m/s (I also had skirmish links). It takes a few tries but I finally manage to scram the Ares. The Rapier + Loki's start crawling out but they are slow as all fuck and the Guardians are AB fit. The Ares finally dies. There is a brief bit of dancing to try and split the Rapier away from his friends. No dice and they all warp out.
I cut the AB, start repairing heat damage and take a deep breath. The plex beacon is 500KM away. It almost seems anticlimatic to only get one kill after such a long fight.
I finish up the 5/10 but it only drops 200 mil worth of loot :(

Vagabond vs Dramiel and 3 Talos
Turns out a Vagas guns won't track a Dram in a tight orbit and Talos can hit juuuuust fine from 40KM away. Splat!

Tengu vs various Vagabonds
Yes my pretty, follow me away from your fleet mates. First kill, DCed Talos and the second Vaga (The vagas were seperate fights).

Tengu vs ishtar
Probed out a missioning Tengu + Ferox, but they bail. Then an Ishtar lands right on top of me...ok then.

Ishtar vs Machariel, Brutix and a lot of recons.
Deaded there was also another Rook, Rapier and Falcon not on the mail (thought the legion of death Machariel was not with the EMP guys, turns out they are blue lol).

Various ships vs cyno boats.
To much effort to link all those kills. A rough count according to z-kill gives 40 cyno kills.

PVE highlights:

The blueprints bring the total to about 2.5 bil isk.

So all in all, its been a fun holiday so far :)