Monday, February 21, 2011

ZOMG...Retriever in Low Sec!!!!

The majestic Retriever. A sight rarely seen in Low Security space due to overhunting by pirates.

Its not bait, right?



Of course its fucking bait! But it was a fun fight. Here is how it went down. Jumping into Bosena in my trusty Wolf, I spied a Retriever on D-scan. Huh, probably just POS trash...nope its at a belt. Go go go! I tackle him and start working on his shields. Then a Rapier decloaks, followed by a Redeemer who promptly jams me.

*$&$*&*&^@$%&@#^&$*@&%^)*(@#%^!^@#@#@#$@ ECM!

Wait, my tank is holding barely...jam cycle fails...and my overheated 200 MM ACs just manage to pop the Retriever as the Wolf succumbs to enemy fire. I nearly fell out of my chair with laughter after this. Highly amusing.

On a slightly different note: poking Russians because of boredom ends badly.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Curse of the Jaguar

It has been one of those weeks. Due to both flying half asleep and engaging in fights without proper planning I've lost a pair of Jags and a Cane. Every time I step into a Jag I lose it.

First loss: Jag Vs Enyo This was a good fight. We first cross paths and both escaped in structure (due to me losing point). Second time around he emerged victorious because of the mighty Gallente hull. Hehe, ah well.

Second loss: Nano-cane Vs Nano-cane Primary reason for losing here was forgetting the whole "nano" part of the ship and burning for him with RF EMP loaded. Tried to de-aggress and dock but ran out of structure.

Third loss: Jag Vs Caldari Navy Hookbill Saw him on a gate, jumped through and bounced to a celestial. He shows up and points me from 28 Km and starts orbiting going at 3000 MS. AB Jag couldn't catch that. After a quick search on EVE-kill I found this. From my limited CN Hookbill knowledge I thought they would be fitted for short range combat with Rockets and Webs. Well you live, you learn.
To rub salt in the wound I lost my pod as well due to a double click and the Warp To tab minimising.

It was at this point I decided to step away from the computer to cool off.

Time for some research and more careful target assessment!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Got out in 36% structure

Wow..damn...give me a moment to catch my breath. That was a fucking close fight. It went down in Altbrard, in the Angel-Creo Corp Mining complex after bouncing around celestials and trying to narrow the target down on D-scan.

The Dare Devil landed 26 KM from my Wolf. After a few seconds of trying to kite, I overheated the guns and dived in. Shields were stripped within moments. As my armour hit 67% I kicked the overheated NOS and SAR into gear. We both hit structure around the same time. My SAR gives me the edge needed. The DD pops and I finish the fight in 36% structure. GF GF!
Thank fuck it wasn't a Dramiel!

The DD also dropped a tasty Gisti-B MWB valued at around 17 million ISK That should be enough to pay for another Wolf.

Best Corp Interview Ever!

So there I was, minding my own business and looking for people to shoot in Solitude. The night had been damn quiet so far and I was itching to shoot at someone in my shiny new Jaguar. 

Tis a tasty piece of hardware

Empty system. Jump. Empty system. Jump...Holy Fuck! Flashy Legion on gate!

Substitute Legion that would sit still for a photo.

Then he jumps and I follow eagerly. On the other side he locks me up and opens fire. Laser! Shields hit 70% as I overheat my AB and drop into a nice tight orbit. Damage to my Jag drops off as I rip through his shields and start working on the armour. By this stage I'm getting excited about a solo T3 kill. Then he stops firing and cruises back to the gate. This amusing chat followed:

Flash Legion Pilot > nice work
Naoru Kozan > thanks
Flash Legion Pilot > just dont got the tracking lol
Flash Legion Pilot > but thought i would have a go why  not sorta thing
Naoru Kozan > i have heard good things about the ham legion

Flash Legion Pilot > yea ham legion is good but my missle skills are not for legion yet lol
Naoru Kozan > do any legion fits have drones?
Flash Legion Pilot > this is scan res legion and cov ops
Naoru Kozan > ah yeah
Flash Legion Pilot > i think so but not cov ops
Naoru Kozan > i've flown a cov ops loki and the dps makes me cry
Flash Legion Pilot > catchn all sorts off stuff in this but tbh i thought you was rifter lol
Flash Legion Pilot > also mybad
Naoru Kozan > no worries
Flash Legion Pilot > was fun all the same
Naoru Kozan > its worth throwing away a cheap ship for the chance of killing something shiny lol
Flash Legion Pilot > lol
Flash Legion Pilot > yea
Naoru Kozan > i was getting excited unti l realised you could jump out at anytime
Flash Legion Pilot > plus transversal is a problem with this thing so i alway have it in back of mind not to just be stupid and keep shooting

After chatting for a while, he asked if I was after a corp. Since I was thoroughly sick of Perkone chat and bored I decided to join. My new corp is called "Look it's a Distraction". These guys are mainly from New Zealand and are originally from Sys K.
I think it will just be a temporary home for me as they have plans to move out to null-sec while I'm more interested in low-sec piracy.

As far as my Jaguar goes it's at 0 kills and 0 losses. Been flying the Wolf the last few nights and am very impressed with its fire power. Nearly losing my MWD Wolf to a Rifter made me swap to a AB fit. Wolf lost to Rifter...that would have been embarassing!