Thursday, June 5, 2014

Orthrus in 78R-PI

Kronos is out and with it came shiney new toys. I had no luck ratting for the Mordus cruiser...but Diz was great and sold me a BPC for 300 mil. After piling on some expensive faction and dead space mods I proceeded to do my best to lose it.

All I can say is...HOLY FUCK BALLS BATMAN! This ship is fucking crazy!

Comments from various capsuleers:

[13:41:31] nGu RaZaq > how the fuck 3000ms/s, 20km scram and 50km point

 [13:24:52] nGu RaZaq > dis shit is fuckin op ^^

[15:12:53] Ecalta > ORTHRUS WTF

[14:53:40] oUTSKIRTs > go away :)
[14:53:43] Naoru Kozan > ok
[14:53:44] oUTSKIRTs > lol

After a near death to a NC. Crow blob I frantically fled to the depths of Tennerifis. Guess I hit adrenaline overload lol. After a brief break I started the long trek back to Bosena.

Orthrus is bloody fun but odds are itwill get nerfed. Tis fucking OP in it's current form.

Anywho, screenshots!

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