Thursday, May 1, 2014

2000KM Burn

We were doing our normal thing of protecting carebears from potential ship loss in DED sites (ganking them and stealing the site). A wormhole to Geminate yielded a bunch of German Ishtars, Tengu and Scimitar running an 8/10. Me and Kaeda invade the plex with a Tengu and Ishtar but only manage to snag the Scimitar. An Astero pops up on short scan and a quick bounce yields an easy kill.

We start clearing the 8/10 while pinging D-scan, but at first the locals don't seem to inclined to come in again. Kaeda warps off to guide Kooba in through the wormhole. Then more and more ships start appearing on D-scan. Lots and lots of ships....ok time to leave.

I hit the worm hole and jump past a Sleipnir and Stiletto....they follow me through and the Stiletto points me. Turns out links are not in the correct squad...fuck. After freaking out and yelling on comms I frantically juggle Erstel into squad booster position as more and more shit piles through the worm hole. Problem is the fleet is bugged and I can't move him. I frantically form a new fleet and finally get links setup.

What followed was a Benny Hill chase extending over 2000KM. This is what they had on grid for the majority of the fight.

Basically, they couldn't catch up with my Tengu to land webs and I couldn't kill their inties with the logi on field. Once the fight stabilised, I attempted to push the pair of Stilettos off with timed overheating of the web and afterburner to no avail. Eventually I calm down and start talking on comms again. Once the fleet is setup properly Kaeda is able to warp in his Ishtar to assist. But since the fight is moving at 3000 m/s the drones are having trouble applying damage. Kaeda reships into a LML Heretic and we finally manage to push one Stiletto off in hull. The other Stiletto lags behind, drops point and I finally hear the sweet sound of "Warp Drive Active". Kaeda gets briefly tackled but managed to make it out in structure.

/me takes a deep breath

Holy fuck that was intense.

"14:12 Long Haul" has lived for nearly 3 months now. Fuck I probably just jinxed it and will lose her in the next fight lol.

EDIT - 04/05/2014
Yep, jinxed it. Tengu died to a Blops hotdrop the next day lol.

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