Saturday, March 30, 2013

Taranis VS Daredevil Part 2

Recently I was inspired to try the dual-prop Taranis again. With the Retribution armor changes and the new ancillary armor reppers it is now possible to fit a SAAR and a NOS on the Taranis.

This is the fit:

[Taranis, SAAR navy core DP]
Damage Control II
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer, Nanite Repair Paste
Navy Micro Auxiliary Power Core

Limited 1MN Microwarpdrive I
Experimental 1MN Afterburner I
Faint Epsilon Warp Scrambler I

Small 'Knave' Energy Drain
Light Neutron Blaster II, Antimatter Charge S
Light Neutron Blaster II, Antimatter Charge S
Light Neutron Blaster II, Antimatter Charge S

Small Hybrid Burst Aerator II
Small Ancillary Current Router I

I kicked off the roam from EC-P8R. There was a brief dance with a Talos on the gate but he deagressed and jumped after his drones were dispatched. Boo!

Working my through Pureblind and Tribute reveal no viable fights (fuck Cynabals). Reaching the entry system of M-OEEB I find another Taranis. Quick fight and he drops. The tracking disruptor was a pain.

Looping through lowsec over to P3EN-E, I spy a Stiletto, Thrasher and Daredevil camping a bubble on the outgate. Warping and jumping through and they all follow. I crash the gate to try and split them...but they all aggressed. Lol, ok then.
I burn off 200KM, make a pounce and wait. They jump back in and the DD starts burning out. I burn in slightly to make sure his mates can't warp to me. Then I align away, heat the guns, scram and AB and wait. DD comes into range and battle commences. Short sharp fight and the Daredevil pops with 5 minutes until downtime. I bookmarh the wreck, warp off, rep and come back in...and land right on the Stiletto and Thrasher. I pull range, kill the Stiletto, start burning away from the Thrasher and the server goes down.

Fuck Me...I have the shakes real bad. Seriously, what other game delivers this kind of adrenaline kick?


And no, I didn't get to loot :(

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Got Jams?

Falcons. They jam you out at critical times, costing juicy kills. They share an almost symbiotic relationship with Sabres in nullsec and are the bane of solo pvpers.

So how can you constructively spend the time when jammed?

-Reload your guns

-Change to Friend Or Foe missiles

-Pray your drones attack the correct target for once

-If not pointed, warp off

-Hope for a missed jam cycle

-Rage as you get jammed on the first cycle. Despite overheating the ECCM and having a sensor strength of 113

-De-aggress and crash the gate

-Rage about skilless ECM using mouthbreathers

-Decloak your Falcon alt

-Hurl the keyboard accross the room

-Glare at the Falcon and pray for spontaneous combustion

-Send angy Tweets to CCP Fozzie demanding an ECM nerf

I hope this list proves helpful :)

(And no, I don't have a Falcon alt. Naoru is the only one of my characters who can fly one. Gonna try a brawl Falcon one day)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random Eve-mail Stalker

Seems to be the month where "spontaneous weapon malfunctions" are causing some severe emotional trauma for hauler pilots and mission runners accross New Eden.

A simple hauler kill. Followed by a free trip home. Resulted in this amusing exchange.

Bounty placed on you
Sent: 2013.03.09 06:40

Kin'va Sal placed 5,000,000 ISK in bounty on your head.

After a few ship losses strange Eve-mail messages start arriving.

From: Kin'va Sal
Sent: 2013.03.09 21:42
To: Naoru Kozan, 

Looks like your habits are catching up with you, Kozan.

I hope you saw your own blood before you blacked out...

How's it feel so far?
From: Kin'va Sal
Sent: 2013.03.11 03:00
To: Naoru Kozan, 

Enjoying your fame?

From: Kin'va Sal
Sent: 2013.03.11 03:59
To: Naoru Kozan, 


9 lives?
From: Kin'va Sal
Sent: 2013.03.11 05:00
To: Naoru Kozan, 

Used up 5 so far today, haven't you?  Muhahah...

Re: 9 lives?
From: Naoru Kozan
Sent: 2013.03.11 08:12
To: Kin'va Sal, 

Hey man, I think you might have taken getting killed in eve way to seriously. Last time I checked I'm at 700 or so losses. Just part of the game man.


Naoru Kozan

Re: Re: 9 lives?
From: Kin'va Sal
Sent: 2013.03.12 06:13
To: Naoru Kozan, 

It feels so good when I receive a notification of your recent demise and bounty-collection.  You destroyed my ship and murdered me in cold blood, for the thrill of it.  Have you abandoned your humanity?

There are some very interesting people in this world.

Good Grief

Trying to ponder some profound statement about "griefers" in Eve. My wine addled brain is not helping lol. I do not consider myself a "griefer" in Eve....I just like killing. Explosions and the rush of combat is why I play this game.
Of course, not everyone plays the game this way. What follows is a delightful exchange with a mission runner I caught in Lowsec.

First exchange after probing his mission (he escaped first time).

[01:09:30] Naoru Kozan > sup
[01:09:38] Christopher Michael > suck my dick you fucker!
[01:09:46] Naoru Kozan > hmmmmm?
[01:10:45] Naoru Kozan > that seems a little rude
[01:10:55] Christopher Michael > would you prefer cunt?
[01:11:59] Naoru Kozan > what is it with mission runners getting so abusive?
[01:12:12] Naoru Kozan > seems like a lot of pent up anger or something
[01:13:43] Christopher Michael > my purpose in playing is to take it easy and enjoy the game. Your  purpose is trying to get others to cancel thier accounts
[01:13:49] Christopher Michael > so I think you are a cunt
[01:14:12] Naoru Kozan > wow
[01:14:19] Christopher Michael > yup
[01:14:34] Naoru Kozan > you would be amazed at how relaxing it is killing carebears
[01:15:00] Naoru Kozan > catch him unaware screaming that it's unfair lol
[01:15:05] Christopher Michael > I understand
[01:15:38] Naoru Kozan > FYI convoing and abusing the person who crashed your mission only encourages them to try and kill you more
[01:15:45] Christopher Michael > I just think it makes you a cunt'
[01:16:30] Naoru Kozan > ah there is that carebear rage again
[01:16:43] Naoru Kozan > give pvp a crack sometime
[01:16:43] Christopher Michael > ypu bet
[01:16:47] Christopher Michael > nope
[01:16:54] Christopher Michael > not my cup o' tea
[01:16:57] Naoru Kozan > makes you see the game in a new light
[01:16:58] Christopher Michael > never has been
[01:17:01] Christopher Michael > never will be
[01:17:16] Christopher Michael > problem with EVE is it doesn't give you a choice
[01:17:36] Christopher Michael > and many of my friends warned me about starting EVE because of cunts like you
[01:17:56] Naoru Kozan > well you only escaped the first time because i didn't have my fleet set up properly
[01:18:02] Naoru Kozan > made me a little sad :(
[01:18:05] Christopher Michael > you shrink the subscriber base and limit eve's potential
[01:18:35] Naoru Kozan > nah bro
[01:18:37] Christopher Michael > I understand that getting people to cancel their accounts gives you an erection
[01:18:46] Naoru Kozan > we provide "emergent gameplay"
[01:18:47] Christopher Michael > so fuck off
[01:18:57] Christopher Michael > lol
[01:19:01] Christopher Michael > sure you do
[01:19:14] Christopher Michael > so did Polpot ;)
[01:20:08] Naoru Kozan > damn that is harsh man

Third time was a charm and I caught his Myrmidon.

Quick ransom negotiation for the pod:

[01:28:04] Naoru Kozan > 50 mil and your pod can go free
[01:28:21] Christopher Michael > naw, its cool. I'll be done now
[01:28:27] Christopher Michael > you've done your job
[01:28:42] Naoru Kozan > you sure man?
[01:28:46] Naoru Kozan > how about 20 mil?
[01:28:47] Christopher Michael > yup
[01:28:50] Christopher Michael > EVE sucks
[01:28:58] Christopher Michael > and I was warned prior to starting
[01:29:16] Christopher Michael > seriously
[01:29:17] Naoru Kozan > ok have it your way
[01:29:19] Naoru Kozan > o/
[01:29:23] Christopher Michael > ccp doesn't need my money

A few hours later I recieve an Eve-mail from the distraught carebear.

From: Christopher Michael
Sent: 2013.03.02 07:12
To: Naoru Kozan, 

I cancelled my account as did several of my friends. CCP should thank you for costing them 4 monthly subscriptions. This is the only mmo to give full control of the game world to assholes like you.

One of those moments where the only thing to do is scratch your head and laugh.