Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Toys

I logged in planning on a short EVE session. It began cruising in a Harpy around Aeschee, Onne, Adirain and eventually ending up in Ladister. Joining up with glux3 and his mate we tried to pin down and gank a Caracal. Point is called and we pile in eager for a kill...then the Caracal jams us and warps out. Fitting ECM bursts seems to be a new fad. It happened with a Thrasher the previous night lol.
As the area is not yielding any targets we start to move back through Hevrice and up into Placid. I grab a shiny new Taranis (first time flying this beautiful ship) and we set out.
I probe a missioning Astarte out, and rush in to get a point...only to have the Astarte disappear from D-scan.
Slipping past a BS fleet in our little frigates we move though Oueletta (Spelling? Bloody Gallente with their strange system names) and into Intaki. After hopping around safes and spamming D-scan. Chris Wolf reports a Maller and Drake have landed near him and are burning in. Yeah, I know, 2 bait ships should have started alarm bells ringing. But, we were bored after 2 hours of fruitless roaming. So we warp in and go to work on the Drake. Then an Ishtar lands...uh oh. Our Hawk and Harpy succumb to the assault. I align out, remember to scoop my drones (for once!), overheat the AB and burn for freedom. The only problem is the Ishtar is staying glued to my ass and his Warrior 2's are chewing through my armor. A brief moment of lag, panic and spamming the warp button follows. The Ishtar pulls in I scram and web him, then GTFO. I escape into warp with 3% structure left.

I have heard about the legendary Gallente hull. This has made me a believer. Taranis is a bloody nice little ship. Can't wait to fly it again in combat.

Traveling back to Hev, I spy a Drake missioing in Costolle. I quickly reship and probe the Drake down. My shiny new Cynabal (well, a bit less shiny since it was shot into 46% structure by 2 Hurricanes last week) lands 18KM off the Drake, gets point and starts chewing through his shields. The bloody EC-300's don't get a single jam on the Drake. As my shields fail and I dip into armor, the Drake explodes.
This was my first solo BC kill in my Cynabal. All in all, a good way to end the night.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That was close!

Shooting at cyno ships near sentry guns is risky. Especially in a lightly tanked Jaguar assault frigate.

Unfortunately I didn't get the pod. But there is always next time!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wearing Aviators in the dark

It's 47 jumps to Hevrice,

the Cynabal is fully rigged,

I've got 3000 RF Fusion M in the cargo hold,

it's dark...and I'm wearing sunglasses.

Hit it.