Tuesday, July 1, 2014

5ZXX-K Holiday

So on a random fit of whimsy I decided to go farm some Mordus missions and farm the Mordus mission runners in 5ZXX-K. To be honest, I was expecting hell camps, blobs galore and full on combat.

Turns out the system was quiet as hell.

Mordus Angels are on deployment to Delve. All that remained were the dregs, scrubs and carebears. A group of rusrus Goons also hangs out in system, Raging Ducks/OEG. I had a few skirmishes with them and suprisingly they were extremely competent and PVP. I lost a Nomen and Gila due to bad piloting and severly underestimating the Goons. Hats off to them, flying against aggressive and competent pvpers pushes me to fly and fight harder. Easy ganks/kills make pilots lazy lol.

Carebear kills.....I tagged a lot of them lol.

Final tally was:

6 Tengu's

9 Ishtar's

1 Gila

Also had some fun skirmishes in my Orthrus (came close to losing it about 3 times).

I did manage to get some mission running done. I pulled about 250,000 LP and cashed it out in Garmur BPCs. Mission running is something I can only handle in small bursts and after one intense farming I scooted back to Bosena in Molden Heath.

This is what my carriers hold looked like.

Profitable few days. Mods all came from mission runner kills lol.

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