Monday, January 20, 2014

Biomass IRL (ingame)


Often tossed around as a gesture of respect to an opponent after a close, tense fight. Also tossed around after ganking or getting ganked. It can, on occasion, provoke a strong response.

Probed out a Navy Caracal running a 6/10 in Taisy, point was established and the ship is dispatched.

[06:00:35] Naoru Kozan > gf

[06:00:46] Hattori Hakaari > Go fuck yourself and shove that GF up your fucking ass.

[06:01:41] Naoru Kozan > (((

[06:02:32] Hattori Hakaari > I don't know why douchebags like you say GF when you pounce on someone who's in deadspace already engaged with multiple ships. Big fucking accomplishment getting that kill you fucking tool.

[06:03:03] Naoru Kozan > woah, lets just chill the hell out here man!

[06:03:27] Hattori Hakaari > How about I wish real life death on mother via rape-induced aids.

[06:04:00] Naoru Kozan > that is not a very nice thing to say\

[06:04:23] Hattori Hakaari > Good. I hope it actually happens.

[06:05:12] Naoru Kozan > carebears seem to harbour some SERIOUS anger issues

Deeply distraught by such abuse I consoled myself by quickly finishing his plex. It was a 77 mil drop. But I decided to be nice and inform Mr Hakaari of the drop.

Abuse in local
From: Naoru Kozan
Sent: 2014.01.21 06:11
To: Hattori Hakaari, 

I was deeply hurt and offended by your tirade in Taisy local.

However, the 6/10 dropped a  Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field +  Pithum A-Type Explosive Deflection Amplifier +  19th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects which made me feel a lot happier.

Fly safe and good luck on your journey through New Eden.


Naoru Kozan

EDIT: got a response.

Re: Abuse in local
From: Hattori Hakaari
Sent: 2014.01.22 02:11
To: Naoru Kozan, 

When you mother dies from the AIDS she hopefully receives when she's raped IRL, let me know so I can take a shit on her grave.

Yeah, he mad.

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