Sunday, December 13, 2015

Where are your friends?

Another pvp video. Short one just to get rid of some fraps before everything is changed again.

Ships flown:

Arty Thrasher
Lots of Tristans
Fleet Cane
Fleet Phoon

Links are used in the F. Cane and F. Phoon clips. Rest is solo.
Note - you can clearly see the fleet tab and local tab :P

Track list:
The Kills - Cat Claw
The Kills - Fried My Little Brains
Puscifer - The Misson (M is for Milla Mix)
The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful

Download link:

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Roaming Placid, Cloud Ring and Black Rise

Scalding Pass and Curse are very quiet in the AU TZ. So I've been hanging out in FW space around Placid and Essence. The rebalanced Navy BCs are proving to be a joy to fly. Me and Diz had a great brawl Vs Pandemic Horde with double Navy Canes. They had some more random DPS and a Falcon who was a massive pain. We bailed once Diz ran out of cap charges (he got 3 reloads off on the XLASB) and a suspicous looking PL Prophecy showed up at a pounce. Very fun engagement (I was being a special snowflake flying a dual rep MJD Fleet Cane).

Cruising into Blackrise we start playing with a 6000 m/s Garmur near a gate. One thing leads to another and the FW guys steadily pile up. I manage to snag a Slicer, take sentries and MJD to freedom in structure. Diz almost gets out but get snagged and popped.

Diz heads for a reship as I flee the FW Garmurs. But they give up after I MJD away the second time. I love that module. Then I attract the attention of a linked Orthrus....le sigh. Even with my own links the Fleet Cane can't match the speed of Mr Orthrus. I sing out on comms and Diz reships his alt and heads back. I act coy on station before warping to a gate. The Orthrus follows, I engage and get grabbed with a 21KM scram, Diz jumps in and the Orthrus gets a Navy Vexor to the face. After scooping the loot I get ready to jump out and a Curse shows up on field. Quick hop through the gate to check for backup...nothing...ok then. I jump back in, burn for the Curse and manage to land a scram before getting capped out. Heat the injector and micro that scram. Diz jumps back in and we secure another kill. Dude was going full tilt I think.

Down time rolls around and I find a Cruisers Crew gate camp in Osti on the Stacmon gate. I fucking hate these guys, shit talking big mouthed cowards just like Dead Terrorists. Ahem, sorry got sidetracked there. Their camp had two Svipuls, Vexor, Rail Talos (lol) and Exeq. A quick combat probe lands me on the Exeq. 5 min countdown to DT starts, Svipuls and Vexor only have long points + webs so I align, MJD towards the Talos....but he warps :(  I pull my drones in and warp as DT hits.

Next day we head out again with three extra fleet mates. Dave is coming through highsec in a Drake. So we do a quick run up to W-4 and gank a Procurer before swining back into lowsec to pick up Dave. In Vlillirererererererere (spelling?) we find an Exodus Brutix Navy and start a game of gate ping pong. Orthrus shows up and starts kiting....then gets scrammed and killed. Barghest jumps in and burns away. Navy Brutix shows up on gate again and redboxes. We light him up, more shit piles in and I go down. RHML Barghest hits like a fucking truck! Everyone else extracts without issue. I reship into a Confessor and we head back to W-4. On the way we drop a Exodus Malediction, I get the feeling its not an approved Exodus fit since it only has 4 speed mods instead of the usual 5.

W-4 yields no kills and a fair bit of posturing on station. Onto BNI staging in Kehjari...nada. Shadow Fleet rolls by but its out of our league. Aivonen is showing 45 kills in the past 3 hours on Dotlan. On the way we play another round of gate ping pong with a pair of vanilla canes. One dies, we lose Allo and the other MJDs to freedom.

We reach Aivonen, Brawl calls point on a Brutix Navy in a large plex. We all pile in and shit goes south rapidly. Brawl and Dave go down, Diz manages to warp out leaving me alone on the field. Only problem is I've got a Keres glued to my ass long pointing + damping me. My 10MN AB Confessor can do 3041 m/s in speed mode with links. But the Keres is pulling an easy 4000m/s and damping me down to 30KM lock range. All his buddies are in hot pursuit so I heat the AB to try and pull some range. Still can't shoot anything. Ummmmmm ok, lets try and break the grid. The chase continues, I burn all my SAAR charges before pulling range and getting off a SAAR reload. Their dps pulls in close again, I get dropped into about 30% structure before managin to claw back some armor. At this point my SAAR charges are depleted and juggling cap between trying to get reps and taking shots at frigs in range. A beam Slicer starts laying some serious hurt on me. I start doing small course adjustments to try and mitigate dps (also doing my best not to shed to much speed). The Slicer drops back, a Tristan takes his place, I start trying to pop drones...suddenly the Keres point drops and I warp out. 1200KM burn!. I breakdown and start screaming about "mother effing Keres pilots" on TS. Gotta bleed of that tension lol, I did manage to kill a single Slasher.

Those are some toasty midslots!

I know thats a pretty big wall of text just to describe an escape. But it was one of those rare moments where I actually made good piloting choices instead of freaking out. Also the amount of overheating the T3 dessies can handle is amazing!

Of course, good piloting is always followed by dying in a really dumb fashion.
Diz arrives on field just as I pop. He then proceded to kill all of them lol.
Defo buying a Navy Harb soon :)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Shadow Paquito Rage

So I was derping around Aeschee in my Fleet Cane. Warp to the outgate and find Proteus + Orthrus waiting. Orthrus jumps I align off and warp to a station npnpnp. Push my scout through and yep Orthrus is waiting on the otherside (he cloaked on the gate!). Quick refit for cloak and stabs and back to the gate. Proteus jumps with me.

MWD, align, cloak...decloak and warp to freedom. Then in local:

[14:14:24] Paquito > bahahahahahahahahahaha

[14:14:33] Paquito > shit tier

[14:14:49] Naoru Kozan > for not fighting a hard counter?

Then through my secret spy network:

[14:15:54] Paquito > he refit a cloak

[14:16:00] Paquito > like a massive shiteating coward

[14:16:07] Paquito > because he is a massive shiteating coward

So then I jump on Shadow TS, prod some other Shadow dudes to tell him to come talk to me and then get banned from their server.

Totally fucking worth it lol.

Back in Eve

So yeah, I took a 4 month break from Eve.

Why? I was bored with the meta and making no effort in pvp. I also made a video, which got some bad feedback. Typically I'm not to fussed about copping hate online. But in this case it actually struck home...thick skin blah blah blah. Going back and watching the last vid (Javelin) the dude was right. Compared to previous efforts the majority of the fights were average or outright garbage with only a few standouts. So I scrubbed the vid from youtube and deleted everything Eve related from my computer.

"Lolz, you mad bro?"

"Yeah, a bit and no you can't have my stuff."

Its a strange dichotomy making Eve pvp vids. The slightest error in piloting is highlighted and picked apart. Fights that felt epic at the time get replayed and look boring. And it can take months of bad fights to get that "HOLY FUCK THAT WAS AMAZING FIGHT!" After you realise fraps was not running haha. But the losses pile up dragging morale lower making the game seem as waste of time. At this point you can either go full whiny bittervet on the forums or just step back and take a break. I chose the latter.

So what brought me back? The battlecruiser changes. It evoked memories of tooling around in arty canes and nano drakes with The Tuskers. Ironically I haven't flown a single BC in combat since my return. But I have been steadily burning through my stockpiles of T1 cruisers (and burning through my remaining funds). I got the fire for pvp back, I've been making an active effort to come up with new fits and try new boats. Even tried flying a few brawlers to break up the whole never stop kiting thing. Dual rep dual prop Cynabal, dual rep Vigilant and shitty brawling Thoraxs just to name a few lol.

I've also been doing some proper solo piloting leaving the links at home. Arty Thrasher has been getting some solid results (fragged two Jackdaws and a bunch of T1 garbage). I think its an important thing to do as links become a crutch for lazy piloting. Just like ECM, logistics and excessive numbers. Not having fits that rely on links to be effective is a priority. "Brain In The Box" may actually see light of day sometime in the next 6 months/3-5 years lol. So a link rework is probably on the cards.

Odds are I will do another vid. I'm really looking foward to trying out the new BCs. Fleet Cane looks dope as fuck.

Until next time.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

How long is to long?

Damn it has been a while!

Ok, so after narrowly missing a missioning Ishtar in Bosena I noticed he docked up in station. I logged Naoru out on his mission, logged all alts who were active after I probed the guy and logged in another alt to watch for him undocking.

Two hours of Youtube vids and housework later he undocks and warps back to his mission. I log Naoru back in, land on top of the Ishtar and secure the kill.

The kill itself is nothing impressive, but I recieved some great hatemail from it.

te hülyegyerek
From: HunAmarrias
Sent: 2015.04.07 09:24
To: Naoru Kozan, 

A mocskos kurva anyád te fasszopó geci!! Nem mindenki akarja kilőni egymást ebben a jkátékban te majom!
Most 50 évig csinálhatom a level III-at hogy legyen új hajóm te geci!

(The dirty son of a bitch you cocksucker motherfucker !! Not everyone wants to shoot each other in the jkátékban you monkey!
Now you get to do the Level III for 50 years to have a new boat you motherfucker!)

I would like to smash your head with a knobstick you gibbon! you ruined my game you ruined my day. i have no more money for new ship thanks to you, dick! fuck your mother!

(Google translate says Hungarian /shrugs)

Mr Ishtar pilot was very creative with language lol.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

[Video] Flameburst Precision

Download link

Just finished my fourth pvp vid. Lost a lot of expensive shit in this one lol.

Music list:

Firesuite - Doves
Desert Night - RUFUS
Warp 1.9 - The Bloody Beetroots
Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Fire - Kasabian
Knifeman - The Bronx

Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

5ZXX-K Holiday

So on a random fit of whimsy I decided to go farm some Mordus missions and farm the Mordus mission runners in 5ZXX-K. To be honest, I was expecting hell camps, blobs galore and full on combat.

Turns out the system was quiet as hell.

Mordus Angels are on deployment to Delve. All that remained were the dregs, scrubs and carebears. A group of rusrus Goons also hangs out in system, Raging Ducks/OEG. I had a few skirmishes with them and suprisingly they were extremely competent and PVP. I lost a Nomen and Gila due to bad piloting and severly underestimating the Goons. Hats off to them, flying against aggressive and competent pvpers pushes me to fly and fight harder. Easy ganks/kills make pilots lazy lol.

Carebear kills.....I tagged a lot of them lol.

Final tally was:

6 Tengu's

9 Ishtar's

1 Gila

Also had some fun skirmishes in my Orthrus (came close to losing it about 3 times).

I did manage to get some mission running done. I pulled about 250,000 LP and cashed it out in Garmur BPCs. Mission running is something I can only handle in small bursts and after one intense farming I scooted back to Bosena in Molden Heath.

This is what my carriers hold looked like.

Profitable few days. Mods all came from mission runner kills lol.