Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Naorus Nullsec something and the Gods of RNG

Dread Gurista Fleet Staging Post.

Found one of these, it escalated all the way to the end. The fucking escalation sent me to an NCdot staging system again. One and a half hours of plexing, 34 jumps, frayed nerves from mashing d-scan and triple boxing through null and 122 million ISK drops.


Rage rage rabble rabble etc etc.


So, obviously this is not quite working out how I hoped it would. So what did I learn?

Citadel Torp in the high end gurista plexs ia fucking joke for tengus to tank.

Escalating plexs are a fucking pain in the ass to run when they send you over null.

Radars and mags are good when your salvage ship does not get killed by the locals
(but I managed to kill quite a few of them XD)

Null is pretty damn lonely and the lack of dockable stations is a pain if you are not in a big alliance.

Enough raging, what did I take away from this experience?

Radars and Magnometric sites (prior to the Odyssey changes) could be easily run with a dedicated probing ship with salvagers, code breakers etc paired with a DPS ship.

Unrated plexs feel like to much effort without access to a jump bridge network and stations for refitting.

The Citadel Torpedos are a joke VS small signature Tech 3s.

I may make another attempt in Great Wildlands since it's much closer to home and will make logistics much less of a pain. Not to mention it's empty most of the time and if I get bored it is only a short trip back to Bosena for camping the Teon gate.

I shall post further updates (and shall endeavour to post on a more regular schedule).

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Damn she has got a fat ass!

Yes the Interdiction Nullifier makes your ass look fucking huge.

So yeah, lowsec exploration was getting stale. The ISK is pretty damn nice, the sites are quick to run and aside from that one "incident" with Hashi Keptzh, everything was running smoothly. But it was not holding my interest.

HEY! Why don't I run off and try exploration in null-sec! Great idea! Let's get all the ships packed into the carrier select a quiet area and we are off.

Except, each time I prepped to head out something made me hesitate. After a few days it clicked: I was still nervous about null-sec. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those players who cowers in fear at the mention of 0.0. I do the odd solo frigate roam through null, duck in to finish a plex escalation and so on. But the prospect of actually living there is something new and unsettling. Different mechanics, new faces in local, the prospect of much larger fleets rolling through.
The flipside is a whole new host of sites and plexs to run (plus the sites should be much more profitable than lowsec).

Fuck it, let's go. Carrier jumps went smoothly. I found a 3 sites FDZ4-A, ploughed through them and then the locals started combat probing. I cleared the last NPC's and sat in the site waiting to see what they would bring. Time passed and nothing appeared on d-scan so I warped back to station to restock on ammo. Mid-warp I spot their fleet heading the plex lol. Quick turn around and I warp back to the plex and land on their cloaky tackle Tengu. Lock him and let the missiles fly while frantically mashing D-scan to see what else they are bringing. Tengu starts to try and burn away, as he drops into deep shields as backup arrives. Abaddon, Legion, Tornado and a Loki. At this point I should have just bailed. Trying to hold onto the Tengu lets the Loki get webs on, my tank takes a beating as I frantically try and pull some range. Tengu is in deep armor, the mid rack is nearly cooked from heat damage as a Tristian lands. Quick swap and he vaporises. Damage back on the Loki, align for the sun and try to shake him. Heat the web to try and shake him off....then the AB melts. Game Over.

Very fun fight regardless of the outcome.

Back to exciting PVE content!

One site escalated. Then I ran into a warp disruption bubble and 3 bombers decloak. Brief moment of panic as I turn off the MWD in anticipation of getting bombed. But they point my Talos. Umm ok, I align out, heat the guns, drop the drones....then the Talos pops (lol I always forget how paper thin these things are). Reship to Ranis, kill their bubble.
Some local chatter:

[17:22:41] Deadmino4ma > so mad xD
[17:23:45] Deadmino4ma > take ammo and go away)
[17:25:03] Dead Mozay > angry taranis
[17:29:02] Naoru Kozan > russian camp without falcons is quite a suprise

(No I wasn't mad, was just trying to get them to fight)
They decide they don't want to decloak :(

The plex escalates again. 12 jumps later I reach the system and there is a slight problem. Turns out it is a NCdot home system. Local count is a 80 and they are active. Quick game of tag and I head home.

Flycatcher decides he wants to play a few jumps from home.

Derping around on a gate and a Purifier has a crack at my Cynabal... heh sure thing mate. Pop and pop.

Not the best start to the null holiday. But it was bloody interesting and fun regardless of losses. Hell anytime you try something different in EVE it takes a bit of time to wrap your mind around it.

Pretty nebula is pretty!