Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Got Jams?

Falcons. They jam you out at critical times, costing juicy kills. They share an almost symbiotic relationship with Sabres in nullsec and are the bane of solo pvpers.

So how can you constructively spend the time when jammed?

-Reload your guns

-Change to Friend Or Foe missiles

-Pray your drones attack the correct target for once

-If not pointed, warp off

-Hope for a missed jam cycle

-Rage as you get jammed on the first cycle. Despite overheating the ECCM and having a sensor strength of 113

-De-aggress and crash the gate

-Rage about skilless ECM using mouthbreathers

-Decloak your Falcon alt

-Hurl the keyboard accross the room

-Glare at the Falcon and pray for spontaneous combustion

-Send angy Tweets to CCP Fozzie demanding an ECM nerf

I hope this list proves helpful :)

(And no, I don't have a Falcon alt. Naoru is the only one of my characters who can fly one. Gonna try a brawl Falcon one day)

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    Combat probes on an armor blackbird with a prop mod, point, and rack of ECM. I've put together a few of them, but I got my first kill with it a couple days ago. I wish it put out a bit more than 80 DPS though. Why? Mostly because who expects a solo blackbird?