Monday, March 14, 2011

Time to die...I mean vote!

Vote if you want to have a say in the future direction of EVE. I voted for Seleene as he came across as a very level headed and balanced candidate. Ok, thats enough politics.

On to shooting at stuff. Due to excessive carebearing, there has been little in the way of combat the past week.

I logged in and surveyed my hanger in Heild. One Cane, Stiletto and two unfit Jags. After slapping together an AB Jaguar I headed out. Molden Heath yielded no targets. I roamed further afield. On a whim I set my destination for Gusandal, as it has a reputation a busy pirate system. It was quiet aside from a sniper Tempest that took a pot-shot at me. The Tempest pilot, general dogzbody, docked up and undocked in a Wolf. We proceded to bounce around the system before clashing outside the station. Briefly, the fight was in my favour. But then the Wolfs thick armor and active tank tippped the fight against me. For once I managed to disengage and warped out in structure. Warping to a random belt I landed 40 KM from a ratting Hound. After a brief WTF moment I hit the AB and burn for him. But he managed bail.

Dramiels...damn fun to fly. Not so good to fight against in your average frigate. Jumping into the Hedgiviter Low Sec pocket, spy a Dram in the 2-10 plex (Seriously, these things are great for frigate fights). Hmmm the pilot is only 2 months old...I can totally take this guy! Activating the plex gate I land 20KM or so from him and burn in. I lock him up and he launches Warrior 1's...I love noobs in Drams! Fitting a neut to my Jag pays off as his ship crumples. I snag the pod and try to convo the pilot to offer a ransom. After paying the CSPA, he disapears from local. The pod goes splat and I scoop the corpse for Lala.
I was spewing that the Gistii B-Type Small Shield Booster didn't drop. I got the Faction AB at least.

Last fight of the night was with a flashy sniper Zealot. He was chilling 80KM off the gate. So, I warp to a belt, then warp back and land 20 KM from him. Overheating the AB I drop into a tight orbit with zero damage and start working on his shields. The Zealot hits 20% shields as a Munin warps in at 47KM then warps away again (/shrugs). I overheat the guns and the Zealot hits 60% armor...then 2 Drakes land. As the Zealot had no point (lol) I easily escape. Turns out these guys were an Italian pirate corp. We had a brief chat in local in Italian (Google translate FTW) where they tried to get me to undock and asked me to bring them my sister. Something might have gotten lost in the translation.

Things to remember:
There is no dishonour in running away from superior odds. It can also lead to some interesting smack/chatter in Local.
Missioning is boring. Dual boxing makes it faster and more challenging. Gunpoint Diplomacy suicide ganking and spamming random meme's in Local also provides some entertainment.

On a final note: I've nearly finished training up missle skills. So I will be returning to my Caldari roots and flying DREAKS!

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