Sunday, March 6, 2011

200 MM AC Sabre

Ah the Sabre, it has the reputation as the best Interdictor and is deadly versus frigates. So when a corp mate was popped and podded by one, I just had to go have a poke in my Dramiel. Jumping into 8G-QMV there was a cloaky transport idling on gate. I lock it up and go to work. Promptly a Sabre de-cloaks and a bubble goes up. After briefly toying with idea of disengaging, I deploy drones, overheat the guns, AB and charge in. Shields start disappearing in chunks. My speed drops to 400MS. The Sabres shields go down and my guns blow through his armor and hull (Not sure how common dual web Sabres are). I finish the fight in 90% armor, as a hostile Harbinger and Dramiel land. Then I swiftly GTFO. GF's are exchanged in local and the Sabre pilots tells me his Falcon friend was slow to warp to the gate.

After the "Tengu Incident", followed by the "Shit I'm flashy red and need to jump my Loki through high sec event", I arrive back in Heild safely. I take a nano-cane out for a roam and kill some random frigates and one brave Jaguar.

2 days later, I'm loitering around Egbinger and I spy a pod on the 0.0 gate. Feeling bored I warp in and start to burn for it. A Vaga lands on the gate and starts burning for me. I move to engage and start plinking away with Barrage. He comes within 12KM and I start cycling the neuts, then in a moment of genius I decide to load RF EMP. I turn off one neut as the Vaga caps out. A Sleipnir lands 185 KM away. The Vagas shields hit about 30%, then the Sleipnir and a Drake (Ok after looking at the KM there was another Cane there) land on me boom.

I head to Hedaleolfarber (had to check DOTLAN for the correct spelling) to pick up my Wolf. Undocking I warp to the 2-10 plex and spy a Daredevil on scan. I activate the gate and the DD follows me in. I pulse the MWD to pull some range, DD lands and his speed jumps to 1000MS, ok AB fit. I employ my highly complex strategy of overheating guns and flying straight in. Fight goes well for me and the DD bails just after entering structure. :(

After spending 15 mins bouncing around safes, I spy a Sabre on D-scan. I bounce back to the 2-10 plex moments later the Sabre lands and it's on. We close with AC's blazing. My SAR saves my ass as the Sabre goes poof. I finish in 20% armor and 3% structure. I snag the pod and convo the pilot, he refuses my offer of a ransom so I send him back to the clone vat.

Feeling very cock, I repair and head back to Heild. A Punisher, Dramiel and Ishkur show up on D-scan. I warp to the Angel Creo-corp plex and wait. A Punisher enters and idles on the warp in. Hmmmm, I can totally take him. It was going fine until his Dramiel friend came in and shredded my Wolf. Ah well.

Things to remember when engaging:
Shooting ammo that matchs the highest base resist...bad idea.
When soloing in a Cane carry ECM drones. They might have saved my ass in the fight with the Vaga.
Charging in blindly to attack a bait ship who has corp mates in local...also a bad idea.

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  1. in life we live and learn in eve we die and learn :)