Monday, March 28, 2011

Gonna fly cheap stuff for a while

After reading EVE FNGs most recent post it got me thinking about ships I fly and recent losses. My usual ships of choice are the Hurricane or the Rifter. Rifter is good because it is cheap, but it dies easily. Cane is a great combination of mobility, fire power and speed, but many targets in lowsec won't engage a Hurricane. They are also a tad expensive to lose (yeah I know, I'm poor).

So the point of this rambling? There is a bunch of ships I've barely flown. Jaguars, Wolfs, Ishkurs, Ruptures, Vexors, and once I train Caldari Frigate V, Merlins, Hookbills and Hawks can be added to the list. These are all pretty cheap and less scary than Canes.

Righto, so once my hanger is restocked with ships. My goals are: attempt to minimise stupid deaths, use an AF/Thrasher to kill a bloody Dramiel who camps the plex 2-10 in Heild, find myself a decent pvp corp, have a crack at Faction Warfare (need to grind standings first /le sigh).

Coming up next time: blindly jumping into 0.0 and DIAF.

Oh, I reached 110 deaths VS 188 kills. Gotta avoid dying so much lol.

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