Sunday, March 6, 2011

Press buttan, recieve Tengu

Well kind of. It was more a case of a Rapier remote sensor boosting an arty Tempest and arty Machariel on the station undock. Hmmmm I can totally undock my alts Tengu and use the insta to warp away. The undocking bar seemed to take forever to fill, then the blackscreen...sweet I'm out in deep armor...pop. I quickly undock my dramiel to try and loot the Faction shield booster and get alphaed. Then my alt gets podded trying to warp back to the station. Sigh.
This, coupled with losing another alts Viator and pod due to pilot error, marked my most expensive losses to date. While I won't cry about losing ships in PVP, losing expensive PVE ships because of my own foolishness is frustrating.
Well this was the end of running missions in Curse for Angels. I've now moved my characters back to Molden Heath. When I have replaced ship losses I will resume running level 4's in low-sec and get back to pirating.
Righto, QQ post is finished! Tune in for the next one which includes foolhardy engagement choices (Frigates VS Sabres), shooting EMP Med Projetile rounds at Vagabonds and bait Punishers.

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  1. Oh man, sorry to hear that. I know the feeling, it sucks =/