Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best Corp Interview Ever!

So there I was, minding my own business and looking for people to shoot in Solitude. The night had been damn quiet so far and I was itching to shoot at someone in my shiny new Jaguar. 

Tis a tasty piece of hardware

Empty system. Jump. Empty system. Jump...Holy Fuck! Flashy Legion on gate!

Substitute Legion that would sit still for a photo.

Then he jumps and I follow eagerly. On the other side he locks me up and opens fire. Laser! Shields hit 70% as I overheat my AB and drop into a nice tight orbit. Damage to my Jag drops off as I rip through his shields and start working on the armour. By this stage I'm getting excited about a solo T3 kill. Then he stops firing and cruises back to the gate. This amusing chat followed:

Flash Legion Pilot > nice work
Naoru Kozan > thanks
Flash Legion Pilot > just dont got the tracking lol
Flash Legion Pilot > but thought i would have a go why  not sorta thing
Naoru Kozan > i have heard good things about the ham legion

Flash Legion Pilot > yea ham legion is good but my missle skills are not for legion yet lol
Naoru Kozan > do any legion fits have drones?
Flash Legion Pilot > this is scan res legion and cov ops
Naoru Kozan > ah yeah
Flash Legion Pilot > i think so but not cov ops
Naoru Kozan > i've flown a cov ops loki and the dps makes me cry
Flash Legion Pilot > catchn all sorts off stuff in this but tbh i thought you was rifter lol
Flash Legion Pilot > also mybad
Naoru Kozan > no worries
Flash Legion Pilot > was fun all the same
Naoru Kozan > its worth throwing away a cheap ship for the chance of killing something shiny lol
Flash Legion Pilot > lol
Flash Legion Pilot > yea
Naoru Kozan > i was getting excited unti l realised you could jump out at anytime
Flash Legion Pilot > plus transversal is a problem with this thing so i alway have it in back of mind not to just be stupid and keep shooting

After chatting for a while, he asked if I was after a corp. Since I was thoroughly sick of Perkone chat and bored I decided to join. My new corp is called "Look it's a Distraction". These guys are mainly from New Zealand and are originally from Sys K.
I think it will just be a temporary home for me as they have plans to move out to null-sec while I'm more interested in low-sec piracy.

As far as my Jaguar goes it's at 0 kills and 0 losses. Been flying the Wolf the last few nights and am very impressed with its fire power. Nearly losing my MWD Wolf to a Rifter made me swap to a AB fit. Wolf lost to Rifter...that would have been embarassing!

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