Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Curse of the Jaguar

It has been one of those weeks. Due to both flying half asleep and engaging in fights without proper planning I've lost a pair of Jags and a Cane. Every time I step into a Jag I lose it.

First loss: Jag Vs Enyo This was a good fight. We first cross paths and both escaped in structure (due to me losing point). Second time around he emerged victorious because of the mighty Gallente hull. Hehe, ah well.

Second loss: Nano-cane Vs Nano-cane Primary reason for losing here was forgetting the whole "nano" part of the ship and burning for him with RF EMP loaded. Tried to de-aggress and dock but ran out of structure.

Third loss: Jag Vs Caldari Navy Hookbill Saw him on a gate, jumped through and bounced to a celestial. He shows up and points me from 28 Km and starts orbiting going at 3000 MS. AB Jag couldn't catch that. After a quick search on EVE-kill I found this. From my limited CN Hookbill knowledge I thought they would be fitted for short range combat with Rockets and Webs. Well you live, you learn.
To rub salt in the wound I lost my pod as well due to a double click and the Warp To tab minimising.

It was at this point I decided to step away from the computer to cool off.

Time for some research and more careful target assessment!

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