Thursday, February 17, 2011

Got out in 36% structure

Wow..damn...give me a moment to catch my breath. That was a fucking close fight. It went down in Altbrard, in the Angel-Creo Corp Mining complex after bouncing around celestials and trying to narrow the target down on D-scan.

The Dare Devil landed 26 KM from my Wolf. After a few seconds of trying to kite, I overheated the guns and dived in. Shields were stripped within moments. As my armour hit 67% I kicked the overheated NOS and SAR into gear. We both hit structure around the same time. My SAR gives me the edge needed. The DD pops and I finish the fight in 36% structure. GF GF!
Thank fuck it wasn't a Dramiel!

The DD also dropped a tasty Gisti-B MWB valued at around 17 million ISK That should be enough to pay for another Wolf.

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