Thursday, October 8, 2015

Back in Eve

So yeah, I took a 4 month break from Eve.

Why? I was bored with the meta and making no effort in pvp. I also made a video, which got some bad feedback. Typically I'm not to fussed about copping hate online. But in this case it actually struck home...thick skin blah blah blah. Going back and watching the last vid (Javelin) the dude was right. Compared to previous efforts the majority of the fights were average or outright garbage with only a few standouts. So I scrubbed the vid from youtube and deleted everything Eve related from my computer.

"Lolz, you mad bro?"

"Yeah, a bit and no you can't have my stuff."

Its a strange dichotomy making Eve pvp vids. The slightest error in piloting is highlighted and picked apart. Fights that felt epic at the time get replayed and look boring. And it can take months of bad fights to get that "HOLY FUCK THAT WAS AMAZING FIGHT!" After you realise fraps was not running haha. But the losses pile up dragging morale lower making the game seem as waste of time. At this point you can either go full whiny bittervet on the forums or just step back and take a break. I chose the latter.

So what brought me back? The battlecruiser changes. It evoked memories of tooling around in arty canes and nano drakes with The Tuskers. Ironically I haven't flown a single BC in combat since my return. But I have been steadily burning through my stockpiles of T1 cruisers (and burning through my remaining funds). I got the fire for pvp back, I've been making an active effort to come up with new fits and try new boats. Even tried flying a few brawlers to break up the whole never stop kiting thing. Dual rep dual prop Cynabal, dual rep Vigilant and shitty brawling Thoraxs just to name a few lol.

I've also been doing some proper solo piloting leaving the links at home. Arty Thrasher has been getting some solid results (fragged two Jackdaws and a bunch of T1 garbage). I think its an important thing to do as links become a crutch for lazy piloting. Just like ECM, logistics and excessive numbers. Not having fits that rely on links to be effective is a priority. "Brain In The Box" may actually see light of day sometime in the next 6 months/3-5 years lol. So a link rework is probably on the cards.

Odds are I will do another vid. I'm really looking foward to trying out the new BCs. Fleet Cane looks dope as fuck.

Until next time.


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