Thursday, October 8, 2015

Shadow Paquito Rage

So I was derping around Aeschee in my Fleet Cane. Warp to the outgate and find Proteus + Orthrus waiting. Orthrus jumps I align off and warp to a station npnpnp. Push my scout through and yep Orthrus is waiting on the otherside (he cloaked on the gate!). Quick refit for cloak and stabs and back to the gate. Proteus jumps with me.

MWD, align, cloak...decloak and warp to freedom. Then in local:

[14:14:24] Paquito > bahahahahahahahahahaha

[14:14:33] Paquito > shit tier

[14:14:49] Naoru Kozan > for not fighting a hard counter?

Then through my secret spy network:

[14:15:54] Paquito > he refit a cloak

[14:16:00] Paquito > like a massive shiteating coward

[14:16:07] Paquito > because he is a massive shiteating coward

So then I jump on Shadow TS, prod some other Shadow dudes to tell him to come talk to me and then get banned from their server.

Totally fucking worth it lol.

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