Sunday, April 12, 2015

How long is to long?

Damn it has been a while!

Ok, so after narrowly missing a missioning Ishtar in Bosena I noticed he docked up in station. I logged Naoru out on his mission, logged all alts who were active after I probed the guy and logged in another alt to watch for him undocking.

Two hours of Youtube vids and housework later he undocks and warps back to his mission. I log Naoru back in, land on top of the Ishtar and secure the kill.

The kill itself is nothing impressive, but I recieved some great hatemail from it.

te hülyegyerek
From: HunAmarrias
Sent: 2015.04.07 09:24
To: Naoru Kozan, 

A mocskos kurva anyád te fasszopó geci!! Nem mindenki akarja kilőni egymást ebben a jkátékban te majom!
Most 50 évig csinálhatom a level III-at hogy legyen új hajóm te geci!

(The dirty son of a bitch you cocksucker motherfucker !! Not everyone wants to shoot each other in the jkátékban you monkey!
Now you get to do the Level III for 50 years to have a new boat you motherfucker!)

I would like to smash your head with a knobstick you gibbon! you ruined my game you ruined my day. i have no more money for new ship thanks to you, dick! fuck your mother!

(Google translate says Hungarian /shrugs)

Mr Ishtar pilot was very creative with language lol.

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