Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tusker Suicide Gank Day

Damn it just ticked over to midnight. All my corpmates are offline and the thought of probing anymore systems is too horrible to contemplate. Suleiman Shouaa announces that the Tuskers are starting another suicide gank day. I jump in a Stiletto and make the trek down to Verge Vendor through highsec (always fun navigating high when flashy).

Jufivette was the form up, free suicide Thrashers and Catalysts were passed out and we got to work finding gank targets.

A missioning Tengu is probed and a swarm of Thrashers descend upon it.

Then in local:

[16:40:57] Message > Pirates have emerged from the shadows!

[16:41:56] x220 > FUCK YOU ALL.

Fleet coms breaks down in laughter, perfect timing between the mission spawn and the gank.

Everyone scarpers back to station to wait out the global criminal flag.

Following soon after a Nightmare, Tengu and Basilisk are spotted running a mission together. Swiftly they are probed and another gang of Thrashers drop into the mission.

Then in local:

[17:15:46] Message > A nearby pirate gang has arrived to reinforce the blockade!

Immersive PVE content.

A bit later we bag another Tengu.

Here are some comments from the local carebear population.

[18:06:31] TLH Esubria > holy crap, what happened here

[18:07:52] myriad steiner > concord call for reinforcements when enough but pirates are in the system

[18:20:08] Nekmet Awai > That is a lovely ball of concord.

[20:20:24] Peanyra > they want to gang me in mission
[20:20:40] Peanyra > but concord destroyed all ships
[20:21:16] Peanyra > its not save here even more
[20:21:39] Sc00bs > its not safe anywhere


Feeling bored I try some local banter to goad a response.

[20:10:18] Drama Rocarion > fucking pirates
[20:10:24] Drama Rocarion > did anyone get ganked?
[20:12:17] Sc00bs > not that i know of but you look like you gots a bounty
[20:14:27] Drama Rocarion > /emote shrugs
[20:14:32] Drama Rocarion > you have a bounty as well
[20:14:52] Sc00bs > sadly i am not the pirate
[20:15:05] Sc00bs > ogb for my miner

(I put a 5 million bounty on him for the lols)

Logging onto my alt the next day I am greeted by the message:

Bounty placed on you
Sent: 2013.04.21 20:25

Sc00bs placed 500,000,000 ISK in bounty on your head.

Riiiiight ok then. I guess a 5 million ISK bounty makes miners mad.


Overall it was a very fun morning :)

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