Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tusker Frigate Free For All 3

Credit for the image goes to Rixx Javix

More info can be found here on the Tusker Forums.

Survival tips:

Use a cheap clone. There is a no podding rule....but accidents will happen/randoms will crash the party/smartbombing battleships might show up etc etc.....

Set your medical clone to a station near the event (FFA location TBA).

You will lose ships.

You will get on a lot of kill mails.

Kitey, long range setups work very well in this sort of combat enviroment (Cough light missile condor cough).

Bring extra ships (Tuskers will be handing out some free ships).

Have fun and don't get mad if you get killed. Re-ship and get back out there :)

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