Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thats a PVE fit Machariel.....right?

I will let you in a on a little secret. I'm quite fond of carebearing. Sometimes, I like nothing better than to kick back and run some Angel plexs, level 4's and so on. It's a nice relaxing counterpoint to the frantic action of PVP.

Since moving to Molden Heath, I've developed a taste for those shiny modules that drop from the various Angel plexs (4 billion in sell orders in Jita! Buy my shit you stupid fucks! Ahem, moving on then).

A quick probe of Bosena revealed an Angel Outpost. Now these are the shitty plexs that I normally avoid unless bored. Since my PVP Tengu has low DPS I took the Machariel out for a spin. This baby brings the DPS (Yes I know I should not fly something this shiny without proper skills and implants. I plan to train Minmatar BS V soon).

As I'm happily blasting through hapless Angel rats a Tengu pops up on D-scan and is soon followed by combat probes. I frantically warp to station (I changed the PVP fit out for extra tank) and refit back to the normal PVP fit. I warp back and get back to acting like a clueless carebear.

Moments later a Tengu decloaks and points me. I return the favour and apply some heavy neutage along with RF EMP rounds. Heaven forbid it's not a 100MN Tengu! Eventually he pops with me in only 70% shields. GF's are exchanged in local and the loot is scooped. Turns out the bounty from the kill was better than the loot drop from the plex and it's escalation lol.

This marks my first proper PVP kill in a Machariel. Next time I have some spare ISK I'll refit her to a proper active tanked setup (another shiny killmail waiting to happen).

A Machariel in it's natural habitat - The Level 4 Mission. Not seen: a multitude of innocent, murdered Angel ships.

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