Sunday, February 10, 2013


So after a few hours of playing with a snaked, linked Cal FW Dram pilot and getting called bad for losing a few cheapass T1 frigates (Dude would only fight with 100% guaranteed chance of victory. Incursus + Griffin alt created some amusing local smack then he finally left system, thank fuck).

His words hurt me deeply. Best way to forget how bad I am at this game is to run some level 4's. Yeah! That will show those FW carebears!
New local contacts, FW beacon pops up and 2 Tengu's appear on d-scan! Undock in a pvp ship...oh they are gone :(

Meh, back to level 4 whoring. Alt starts making good progress through Worlds Collide and just after using up the Zbikoki's Hacker Card a Tengu reappears on d-scan. Quick, quick! Naoru undocks in a Tengu and warps to the beacon. Activate the gate and land 90 KM off the Tengu. Heat dat AB and pray. Distance ticks down to 52KM and POINT! Get the webs on and DPS! But....I'm not breaking fact he is tanking me with no trouble. Call goes out for help and an ex-corp mate responds by bringing a Curse.

Then I get this convo from the Tengu pilots main.

[ 2013.02.10 12:09:47 ] Quad Beast > can you stop pls?
[ 2013.02.10 12:09:56 ] Naoru Kozan > why?
[ 2013.02.10 12:10:11 ] Quad Beast > that tengu is all i have
[ 2013.02.10 12:10:54 ] Naoru Kozan > ok
[ 2013.02.10 12:11:29 ] Quad Beast > will pay, pls stop shoot Vendric
[ 2013.02.10 12:12:06 ] Naoru Kozan > how much is it worth to you?
[ 2013.02.10 12:12:31 ] Quad Beast > have 200m cose buy this tengu
[ 2013.02.10 12:12:45 ] Naoru Kozan > not enough
[ 2013.02.10 12:13:25 ] Quad Beast > must make missions to have more, i invest all my isk in this   tengu

Kiran arrives in his Curse and starts the burn over. Neuts get applied and DPS recommences. Tengu dips to half armor and the pilot ejects! Frantic calls to "Stop DPS!" are heard over comms. Then we start clearing rats away from the now pilotless Tengu. Meanwhile I derp around and eventually get my alt into the FW mission and secure the Tengu.

Fuck me it was expensive.

Quick check of Jita prices reveals it comes to about 2 billion ISK. Very nice for 10 minutes of work :)

Quick message to gloat:

From: Naoru Kozan
Sent: 2013.02.10 12:28
To: Quad Beast, 

Cheers man. Alt picked up the tengu no worrie :).

Followed by this convo:

[12:28:49] Naoru Kozan > should have set that hsit to self destruct man
[12:29:22] Quad Beast > i dont care, must fly to jita to buy the next one
[12:29:33] Quad Beast > see ya with my main
[12:30:22] Naoru Kozan > didn't want that tengu anyway, right?
[12:31:06] Quad Beast > shoot it, put it in your ass or wath ever you want
[12:31:19] Naoru Kozan > shit will be taken apart and sold
[12:31:55] Quad Beast > i make with my 2 mission alts every day 2 of that tengus
[12:33:19] Quad Beast > i dont pay loot ransom too loose it anyway
[12:33:20] Naoru Kozan > ok
[12:33:33] Quad Beast > o/

Guess he mad?

Best part is my share of the loot DRASTICALLY cuts down the mission whoring needed to cover Feb plex costs :)

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