Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sukuuvestaa Heron VS Wolf

I just nipped out for a quick roam in my Faction Heron (great Christmas gifts BTW CCP, they make great pvp lol-boats). Anywho, some local chatter alerts me to a possible target loitering on a FW novice plex. Warping to the plex glorious battle ensues with a Wolf class assault boat.

Gfgf (10% armor left at the end)

Comments from a suprised R1fta thrasher watching.

[16:32:37] Naoru Kozan > o/
[16:32:38] Groggolog > please tell me what i think just happened happened.
[16:32:46] Groggolog > link that km please???
[16:32:47] Groggolog > :D
[16:32:59] Groggolog > you are the sukuuvestaa heron right?
[16:33:12] Naoru Kozan > yup
[16:33:13] Naoru Kozan >
[16:33:18] Naoru Kozan > rofl
[16:33:20] Groggolog > oh wow
[16:33:23] Groggolog > ive got to mount this
[16:33:34] Groggolog > i just killed his griffin buddy and podded him and got away
[16:33:38] Groggolog > this guy must be so depressed
[16:34:19] Groggolog > anyway cya, just wanted to confirm the awesomeness of that heron