Monday, November 14, 2011


On a whim, I decided to visit Molden Heath as viable solo targets are a little scarce around Hevrice at this time. The 2-10 plexs scattered around Molden Heath provide great opportunity for frigate combat. Running the plexs is fast and can turn a tidy profit if a faction shield booster or afterburner drops.

After my shiny new Medium Shield Booster Jag was brutally violenced (battle report is a little messed up, I killed 2 Jags before going down) in Bosena, I reshipped into my trusty Wolf frigate. Undocking, I spied a Ishkur in the 2-10 plex and gave chase. Landing in the first room I spot the Ishkur 25KM off under fire from the local Gistii pirates. Lighting up the AB my Wolf crawls sluggishly accross the distance (plated wolf is SLOW). The Ishkur activates the gate and warps out. Overheating the AB I hit the gate with in the 30 second (not sure if that is accurate) window and follow him in.
This time I land 15KM off, overheating my mids I close the distance slowly and land point. My over heated 200mm AC's spit RF Fusion rounds into the Ishkur, stripping away armor. The Ishkur trys to pull range (no web \o/) before it succumbs. His pod is slow to warp out and is pointed. Due the excessive and unruly local Gistii pirates, there is no time for protracted rasom negotiations.

It feels nice to visit this area again.

Good hunting/fly safe.

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