Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Brief Conversation....

Naoru: Flying in 0.0 when your really drunk is quite stupid, you know.

Player: /holds head and groans

Naoru: Plus you didn't check the guns mounted on that Rapier before engaging. Daredevils are expensive to lose.

Player: 40 jumps of nothing in nullsec is fucking boring. Ok, ok. So I made a bad judgement call.

Naoru: We made it to M-OEE8 in a pod. Then you land us in a drag bubble 50KM off gate. After slow boating 50KM in a fucking pod you randomly click the wrong button and warp to a belt.

Player: ...

Naoru: Then we warp back, land off the gate again and get pointed by a fucking Pilgrim. I don't like getting podded.

Player: Well, it did save us 30 or so jumps to get back to Hevrice. Hell, that clone was only worth 90 million ISK.

Naoru: 90 million ISK is also 3 Drakes or a massive pile of Rifters. Plus it means more time grinding missions and less time looking for things to shoot.

Player: Fine, fine. I'll be more careful next time.

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