Friday, November 25, 2011

Ethics of Piracy

This kill resulted in this thread on the EVE-O forums. Basically, the Drake pilot was in top belt in Old Man Star then was tackled by a Tusker. Pew pew commences and he asks for a 1v1 halfway through the fight. Rest of the gang lands, Drake explodes, then his pod is pointed by BC' Rage thread commences on EVE-O.

Jin Shugo comes up with this little gem: "Your pilots warped into the belt where a 1vs1 was happening and I requested they not engage before they did so. They were 40-50 kms out so they had to time to honor the request. Either acknowledge they are cowards who can't handle a 1vs1 or pay my owed isk. Either of those choices will close the matter and your corp's honor, or lack there of it, will be acknowledged."

Haha. You mad bro?

Tusker policy for 1v1's:

"I don't engage in consensual PVP (1-vs-1's or duels), for I wish to engage others only on my terms, and other pilots may be dishonorable. But as for me, should I ever accept a 1-vs.-1 or a duel, I shall honor it."

Tuskers do engage in 1v1's on occasion. We will ship down to make the fight fair. Asking for a 1v1 once a fight has started is beyond stupid and Old Man Star is notorious for blobbing.

So yeah, a rather amusing turn of events overall.


  1. LoL, something kinda similar happened when I was in The Tuskers. We were on a cruiser roam, somebody scanned down 2 BCs in a safe. We land, point em. Kill one and he starts screaming that we dishonored a 1v1 - this is while we were killing the other guy. Apparently they were 1v1'ing each other and we broke it up.

    It was pretty LoL.

  2. Gotta love how naive some of these PvPers are out in low, doncha?

  3. That guy is mad. Give that man a lollipop.