Wednesday, November 6, 2013

KW-I6T....I was sort of there

So after dragging my ass out of bed, booting up the PC and jumping onto EVE. Turns out there was a massive fight going down in KW-I6T. Since I've never actually seen a super cap fight up close...hmmmm only 33 jumps away...lets go.

Moving through highsec with a positive sec status is soooo much easier! No navy chasing me and no worrying about getting nabbed by fast locking high scrubs. Still feels strange moving around in highsec. Odds are I will get bored and trash my sec status again soon. But I am getting sidetracked.

Entering Catch through Providence was fun. Thankfully the camps were simple enough to run. One jump out from KW- I land in a bubble and get tackled by a Taranis. He was bad at piloting and dies quickly. Couple of random pods jump in and get popped.

Jumping the gate into KW- lands me in 10% TIDI. Holy fuck, modules were activating slowly, the warp to the station took ages. Upon landing I catch a random bomb and get dropped into low structure. So I begin the slow burn to the Titan and manage to get a few rep cycles. Pretty screen shots below:

I managed to do a drive by and whore on the Titan followed by the server locking up and my Slicer was stuck burning until I got disconnected. Reconnecting again the server was still not responding, so I alt+tabbed for a few rounds of Warthunder (love the Beaufighter). Then the server crashed again saving the Titan. Awwwwwww.

Logging back in I tried to dive in to tag a Sabre and got instagibbed by a Munin.

Ah well lol.

The sheer scale of the fight was amazing. Seeing all that hardware up close and in combat was a sight to behold. But it was kind of spoiled by the crushing TIDI. To be honest I don't really see what the big deal about large scale null fleet combat.

Also mad props to CCP for their progress with holding the servers together when these massive fights break out. All the whiners and tinfoil hatters should remember that no other game offers fights on this scale.

Very cool experience overall :)

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