Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Syndicate Deployment

Calmitous Intent started their Syndicate deployment at the beginning of October and invited THC2 to come along. A few THC guys moved down and fuck me sideways, it's been a fucking blast!
On a sad note, THC2 pretty much died during this time. People were not logging on, Diz was getting massively frustrated trying to motivate people and decided to join 7-2. Fast foward a week and most of the active THC2 people have moved over as well. I joined yesterday after a fair bit of pondering about what to do next. I briefly toyed with the idea of rejoining Tuskers or maybe Shadow Cartel. Decided to go with 7-2 since I know a bunch of people in there and have been actively flying with them for the last few months. Always sad when a really cool corp dies off   o7 o7 o7

So, Vindicator BPCs...yum. I came for the PVP, but have ended up spending a lot of time running DED plexs. Strangely enough a Tengu and Ishtar looks like a pure carebear setup. So while running my first 8/10 I was interupted by the locals probing me out and invading the plex. What followed was about 45 minutes of combat (I also managed to lose my alts PVE Ishtar like a fucking boss lol. The last room in the 8/10 is nasty for lightly tanked ships).


Speaking of Vindicators. Webless Rail Vindicator..../facepalm.

I've also been playing with the sentry Ishtar. Holy shit this ship is broken. So I jumped my Ishtar into a FIGL gate camp, started kiting and the grid broke lol. A quick rewarp dropped me back on the gate but not before my Gardes killed their light tackle. A Cynabal escaped in low shields because of EC-300s and Diz + Robinton arrived just in time to whore on the last Caracal.


This 3 way with Rote Kappele and E-uni. This was also my first time flying a fleet interceptor properly. Holy hell it's and adrenaline rush.


Round 3 vs E-uni after we lost some expensive shit. Fun fight regardless.


The expensive ship hanger cleanout has been progressing rapidly.

The Typhoon "Bad Call" finally died after 49 days alive (according to insurance). She survived a tons of close calls and killed heaps. RIP in pieces.

Arty MAAR Cynabal didn't really work out for me. I just seem to have terrible with that ship. I've heard that some other people have had better luck with that fit /shrugs.

Don't fight e-uni while drunk and mad. In fact, if you lose your cool just log off EVE and go do something else lol.

Two weeks left on the Syndicate deployment and it's been an eventful month.

A side effect of tons of plexing and null combat is a -3.63 sec status. I might even go poke my head into highsec once it's over O.o

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