Thursday, August 22, 2013

[THC2] vs [TSO]

So we had a really busy weekend of fights. Here is one I actually remember to hit FRAPs for.

Our Omens + Exeq + BB vs a mixed shield Rupture, Thorax, BB, Scythe and fast tackle gang. Needless to say we kind of paniced when landed at 0KM on their gang with our kiting gang. But in the end our only losses were the Exequeror. 3D Horrorshow (Exequ pilot) did a fucking awesome job of keeping the fleet up until he got taken out.

Also had a decent fight vs Noir + ROFL. THC2 paper thin kiting Omens paired with 7-2 Guardians and AB HACs.

Amazingly we held up. 7-2 Guardian pilots were fucking amazing in this fight. Fleet managed to last long enough to scramble cynos to drop dreads on the tackled ROFL carriers. That moment as the dreads land...brought a tear to my eye.

Sugar Kyle also did a write up.

Fun fights all round.

And Razor did not die O.o

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