Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ooooh Cyno! Better warp to that....

.....huh Archon. Wait there is no POS! Oh shit the Archon just cloaked. Quick, quick go for a decloak!

I sucessfully decloak the Archon \o/

We get point and start screaming for help on comms and in the intel channels and get one response. Shit, log in all the alts!

Backup points are established and me and LR swap out for battleships. It's fighters are popped in short order. Heavy Energy Neutralisers delicately caress the poor Archons capacitor as we start to chew through the armor.

Eventually the noble beast succumbs.

We link up the kill and start gloating on coms. Then someone comments "Hey the can is full of capital BPO's."

A brief mad scramble and the can is secured.


Split 4 ways that should be at least 5 bil each. Gotta actually haul this shit to market and to a proper appraisal of it's worth.

And people say you can't make any money off piracy :)

Oh, and Diz got home from work and logged in minutes after the Archon died.....heh.


  1. Amazing haul on the drops, congratulations guys!

  2. Bastard:)

    Where the hell was I..