Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years EVE Resolution

Since I couldn't come up with any decent NYE resolutions IRL....thought I'd have a crack at some in Eve.

-Try Industry as a passive income source (Failed: Holy shit T1 manufacturing has ultra slim profit margins and the higher stuff is fucking complictated)

-Fly larger hulls in PVP (Eve has more ships than just frigates and dessies. Shocking, right?)

-Break into the top 500 in Battleclinic.

-Try running a Level V mission.

- Get a kill in a lol-fit faction ship (sort of done lol http://tuskers.killmail.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=15722616)

-Fly Tech 3 cruisers in PVP (And not lose it in the first fight)

-Get better at probing (seriously, missing targets due to slow probing is getting old)

-Cure my addiction to Condors....lol sure this will only happen as soon as CCP rebalances combat inties.

-Replace the Condor addiction with a Caracal addiction...this one is a work in progress (FYI RML Caracal is lots of fun).

Ok, that wraps that up. What are your New Years Eve resolutions?

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