Thursday, April 19, 2012

My First Death Threat

This little episode started with a suicide gank in nearby Raneilles. With Hulkageddon on the horizen, I've been merrily popping Exhumers. This shiny hulk kill got me REALLY into killing miners (EVE kill values are off, those ORE stripminers are worth 400 mil ISK each).

However the tears really started to flow with this hulk kill and pod kill. I just love the single LG snake he had plugged in.

Lets begin:

You have been added as contact
From: Aasia Star
Sent: 2012.04.16 03:23

Aasia Star has added you as contact with Terrible Standing

I will Kill You. Unless you tell me why you decided to open Fire on me for no reason. Lucky 4 U I did not lose any Skill

Followed by:

Pay Backs are for real.
From: Aasia Star
Sent: 2012.04.16 03:28
To: Naoru Kozan, 

What were you thinking? You do realize I'll have to hunt you down and Kill you. The Earth isn't big enough for you to hide. That can be avoided if you pay back to me what you stole from me. I payed 350,000,000 Million Isk for that Hulk that took me 6 months to save up for, but you took it away in 2 seconds with out any provocation.

My reply:

Recent hulk loss
From: Naoru Kozan
Sent: 2012.04.16 03:31
To: Aasia Star, 

Dear Aasia Star,

The loss of any ship can be a traumatic experience. Since you seem like a very intelligent capsule pilot, I will dispense with any elabourate excuses/justifications/lies.

The only reason you were targeted is because your hulk was spotted on D-scan, a suicide ship was ready to go and the chance of Intact Armour Plates was to strong to resist.

If you wish to seek retribution for your loss, I can usually be found in Hevrice, Jovainnon or roaming throughout lowsec.

Please try to move past this traumatic experience and find joy in your EVE career.

Fly safe,

Naoru Kozan

In the spirit of continued trolling:

Re: Pay Backs are for real.
From: Naoru Kozan
Sent: 2012.04.16 03:37
To: Aasia Star, 

Dear Aasia Star,

Hulks are only valued at 200,000,000 ISK (aprox market value). Regrettably my profession as a pirate leaves me very short on ISK. So as a gesture of good faith, I will deposit 350,000 ISK as a way for you to get back on your feet.

Good luck,

Naoru Kozan

My sarcasm slips right past him:

Re: Re: Pay Backs are for real.
From: Aasia Star
Sent: 2012.04.16 03:45
To: Naoru Kozan, 

Naoru Kozan,
Thanks for the gesture. 200,000,000.00 ISK is the suggested, but but I paid well over 300,000,000 ISK. I too, am out of ISK, I was just begging to earn what I paid in fact I was at 1/4 of I paid until you podded me. If you wanted the ship why pod me? That would have really help me out. Cause now I am back at the Navl Academy away from all my assets and ships.

Have a Great Day,,,,

Another satisfied customer. :)