Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The Falcon, one of the most hated ships in EVE (well, hated by the people it jams).

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The evening kicked off with me fiddling around and reseting my PI colonies.... Frak, I get bored just mentioning PI. Ok, onto the shooty shooty stuff.

Adirain: Cyno and Chimera on d-scan, 1400 Arty Mach pops the cyno and starts pewing the Chimera, Chimera launchs fighters, pilots start smacking each other, Mach starts taking pot shots at my Slicer from 200KM so I bail out.

Aeschee: Nothing much apart from Spirit of Draconis docked up.

Ladister: Oh oh! Noob Thorax in a mission! Quick grab the prober...awwww he left local. At this point Khronoin brings his Merlin and we move to Old Man Star.

Old Man Star: Dramiels and all the usual faction garbage on d-scan. We chase a Dramiel around the belts before warping to the sun at range. We dance around eachother, the Dram is joined by a Slicer, more dancing, then they warp off...le sigh. We decide to move on as they know our ship types and the longer we hang around the greater the chance of getting blobbed.

Heydeiles: Domix sitting in a belt looking innocent...obvious bait is obvious. A Taranis pops up on d-scan. After bouncing through belts I land 20 KM off him. Overheating guns and point my Slicer rips though the Ranis. A quick "GF" in local before I scoop the loot and bounce to a safe to wait out GCC.

A Falcon has been showing up repeatealy on d-scan near the sun. I grab the prober, fiddle around and get a 100% hit on the Falcon. Me and Khronoin warp in and start chewing through the Falcons shields. I'm fully expecting to get jammed and have backup land on us/decloak. Our overheated guns strip away the shields and blow through the armor. Pop goes the Falcon! Turns out he was AFK. Just to be certain I probe down the pod and squash it. You can't take any chances with Falcons.

Mmmmmhmmmm, nothing like killing a Falcon to lift the spirits.

Aeschee: We split up and check the surrounding systems for targets. Khronoin engages a Taranis and I arrive just in time to whore the killing blow.

I'm really starting to like the Imperial Navy Slicer. It is very different from flying close range brawlers. Plus it's speed give you the choice of bugging out if a fight turns bad.

Good hunting and remember: everytime a Falcon dies, CCP moves one step closer to fixing Hybrids.

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